A mouth-watering experience: Coco Frostick

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Summertime … 25 degrees … a clear blue sky and a delicious ice cream is what’s on your mind right now. We know the feeling. And so for this summer, we have made you a healthy alternative which we like to call the Coco Frostick. This new ice cream is 100% plant-based. It is made from frozen coconut milk (our Coco Start) and Fairtrade, dark chocolate. An ice cream to enjoy without feeling guilty.

A coconut chocolate ice cream that is … vegan

This Coco Frostick is a new-fangled alterative to the traditional chocolaty version. It is sweet and fresh coconut ice cream covered in a double-thick layer of dark chocolate. And as you may expect from Abbot Kinney’s, this Coco Frostick too is one hundred percent vegan, soy-free and does not come with any unnecessary additives. It is made from frozen yoghurt using coconut milk, Fairtrade chocolate, organic cane sugar and rice syrup. It is just as good as the classic one, only better for your health, the environment and the planet in general. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores.

From this week on the Coco Frostick will be available at different stores like Ekoplaza, Marqt and some other health food stores. Each box will contain three Coco Frostick ice creams; the box itself is made from recycled cardboard. Ice creams are 100ml each, costing €5,99.

Have you managed to lay your hands on a Coco Frostick yet? If so, please let us know your experience on Facebook and Instagram.