Almond Start – the favourite combinations of the Abbot Kinney’s team

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Almond Start is delicious as it is, but, secretly, it will taste even better when you add other ingredients. We have tried and tested the best combinations with Almond Start, and of course we love to share them with you. We have Almond Start at the office for breakfast or snack, but also at home as an ingredient for dinner. Curious about our tips? Continue reading.

Good to know

Almond Start contains no sugar. That’s why we like to add some agave or maple syrup. This makes Almond Start just a bit sweeter and easier to use. After all, there’s a sweet tooth in all of us. You can compare it with regular yoghurt, where often a spoon of sugar is added. Of course you can also use fruit as a natural sweetener.

breakfast abbot kinney'sThe team’s favourite combinations:

Gijs (Founder) – ‘I use Almond Start as a basis for my guacamole.’

Jimme (Founder) – ‘Simple and always great: with granola and banana.’

Margreet (Operations) – ‘I use Almond Start to replace milk in my endive and potato mash.’

Niels (Quality and Product development) – ‘Great with date syrup and granola.’

Joppe (Marketing) – ‘This never bores: with banana and granola.’

Quirine (Content Creation & Marketing) – ‘In a Moroccan stew with chickpeas and spices like ras el hanout… Really nice to serve some Almond Start on the side.’

Anne-Marit (Graphic Designer) – ‘Combined with blue grapes it tastes like marzipan.’

Chiara (Concept & Product Developer) – ‘With a sweetener such as agave syrup combined with muesli and dried fruit. Apricots go really well with it.’

Kalu (Sales & New Business Development) – ‘With granola and chocolate paste.’

Latysha (Assistant Product Development) – ‘I like to eat Almond Start with fresh fruit such as apple, berries and banana.’

We would love to know how you like to eat Almond Start. Share it with us on Facebook or Instagram. More information on Almond Start? You can find it here.