Abbot Kinney’s fruit variations – what makes them so special?

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Plant-based fruit yoghurt is a delicious combination, but quite often products hardly contain any fruit. They do come with other additives though, like beet juice, root concentrate and of course sugar. Those familiar with Abbot Kinney’s will know we like to proceed differently. Find out in this article which ingredients our fruit flavours do contain.

Although you can be creative yourself with our Coco Start and Almond Start, the new alternatives containing mango, raspberry, blueberry and banana are definitely nice for a change. And, they make a perfect snack on the go.

No added sugar please

They are healthy snacks for sure, because these fruit variations do not contain any added sugars. This is Abbot Kinney’s promise to you. We take this for granted, but that doesn’t mean other brands feel the same. Any average fruit-flavoured yoghurt contains only 6% of fruit. To make products more tasty, fruit juices and aromas are added. And of course sugar. Lots of it.

Abbot Kinney’s fruit flavours contain 23% of fruit puree. It is perfectly OK to take another bite. We’re not using any powders to give the Coco Start Blueberry & Banana a purple colour and also the fresh-sour flavour of the Coco Start Raspberry is never disguised by adding sugar. Everything that you see and taste is natural.

Abbot Kinney's fruit flavours

Got hungry?

These are the most delicious combinations with our fruit variations. Go to the meal based on Coco Start Mango, Coco Start Raspberry, Coco Start Blueberry & Banana and Almond Start Banana.

Abbot Kinney's merengue coco's yoghurt