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  • AK-Chiara-NPD
    Meet the team: Chiara, product- & conceptontwikkelaar
    3 April 2019
    Benieuwd wie er bij Abbot Kinney's werken en wat wij precies doen? Welkom bij 'Meet the team'! We beginnen met Chiara, zij is onderdeel van het R&D-team. He...
  • plant-based food
    Do you want to eat (more) plant-based food? Try this way!
    12 Februar 2019
    You are convinced. You want to start eating plant-based food. But, how do you start? We offer three ways how you can slowly get used to veganism. For som...
  • plant ahead
    Plant Ahead coconut bowl
    24 Dezember 2018
    Why would you eat from a boring bowl when you can use a coconut bowl? This is not only Instagram worthy, there is another reason why you should go for a coconut...
  • Almond new recipe banner facebook_Tekengebied 1
    Discover our NEW Almond Start and WIN one of the 26 prizes
    6 Dezember 2018
    Ciao! Have you already seen it? We have renewed our Almond Start! That has to be celebrated and we have a number of awesome prizes for you to win. What about a ...
  • almond start new recipe
    Meet the new Almond Start
    27 November 2018
    At Abbot Kinney’s we are always looking for new tastes, great recipes, and the best products. This does not only apply to the new products we develop, but we al...
  • Abbot Kinney’s breakfast event in Paris
    25 Oktober 2018
    Beginning of October we were pleased to invite a group of French influencers during a breakfast in Paris. The breakfast took place in the vibr...
  • Groep alle producten AK's
    NEWS: Abbot Kinney's is part of the Wessanen Group
    11 September 2018
    Good news travels fast! We are really pleased to announce that we are part of the Wessanen Group. Plant-based food is at the heart of Wessanen and together we w...
  • What is a ‘Whole Food Plant-based’ diet?
    4 September 2018
    There are a lot of people in the world, and a lot of ways of eating too. Among the organic diets, you will find the whole food plant-based diet. Curious about w...
  • This is why we don’t use soy in our products
    17 August 2018
    You might have noticed already: at Abbot Kinney’s we don’t use soy in our products. This is a standard for us. Just like not using sugars or colourants and flav...
  • 5 reasons to eat almonds
    7 August 2018
    We are crazy about almonds. Not only when they’re used to make the Almond Start, but also as a snack. Did you know that almonds are called ‘king among nuts’? He...
  • A mouth-watering experience: Coco Frostick
    23 April 2018
    Summertime ... 25 degrees … a clear blue sky and a delicious ice cream is what’s on your mind right now. We know the feeling. And so for this summer, we have ma...
  • The Big Sugar File: everything you need to know about sugar
    30 März 2018
    Sugar … an ingredient most of us love and hate at the same time. It is bad for us, yes, but deep down we want it. Now, the question is this: why is it bad? And ...