This is why we don’t use soy in our products

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You might have noticed already: at Abbot Kinney’s we don’t use soy in our products. This is a standard for us. Just like not using sugars or colourants and flavourings in our Coco Start and Almond Start. Curious why we have chosen to make soy-free products? Read about it here.

For the taste

Taste is our number 1 priority. We believe that the only way to really convince non-vegans is when a product tastes really good. Otherwise they will only try it that one time, and no one will buy the product again. Generally speaking, we don’t really like the taste of soy. It’s often necessary to add sugar or another sweetener to make it taste good. That is why we prefer to use raw materials that taste good all by themselves, without us having to add a lot. Win-win!

For a more unique product

At Abbot Kinney’s we like to make tasty products that need little to no additions. Furthermore we think it’s important to make products that are reasonably unique. Just a little bit different from the rest. Vegetal food is on the rise, something we naturally encourage and contribute to. Still, we notice that a lot of products are made (partly) from soy. A good reason for us to leave soy out and focus on other raw materials. Because there are plenty of those.

For the environment

Did you know that 90% of the soy we eat, is hidden in meat, eggs and dairy? For example, for 100 grams of cheese 25 grams of soy is needed, and for a hamburger of 100 grams about 46 grams is used. Worldwide we eat more and more meat, which means the soy production has become ten times greater over the past 50 years! The soy we use in the Netherlands, is mostly from South-America. The cultivation causes problems there: the forests are cut down, the soil is becoming exhausted and the water is contaminated because of pesticides and chemical fertiliser.

This is one of the reasons that vegetal food is good for the environment. Soy is often used to make meat and dairy substitutes. And while this has a lot less of an impact on the environment as meat, for example, we think it’s important not to contribute to the soy-industry. And to choose another alternative.

For your health

These days, soy is being questioned a lot. Some sources say that it’s healthy, while there is also research saying that soy is bad for you. Our opinion is that you should eat soy in moderation. It’s not wrong to eat products with soy, but it’s best not to eat it all day long. And why would you, when you can also choose to have coconut yoghurt or almond yoghurt for breakfast?

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