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Why would you eat from a boring bowl when you can use a coconut bowl? This is not only Instagram worthy, there is another reason why you should go for a coconut bowl.

Coconut bowls are sustainable

Coconuts grow all over the world. We know it is a popular product, because the supermarket is full of products which contain coconuts. The coconut shell is seen as a waste product, and is burnt. This contributes to the emission of CO2, which is bad for our planet and for the health of people and animals. Besides, it is a waste to burn such a ‘waste’ product while it is perfectly usable.

Eco-friendly start-up

We are joining forces with Plant Ahead to celebrate the new Almond Start. Together with a partner in Vietnam, Plant Ahead is collecting coconut shells and gives them a new life as sustainable bowls. Plant Ahead is an eco-friendly start-up, just like us. They don’t do ‘cheap & cheat’, which means they chose good quality for a good price for everyone. Also for the farmers in Vietnam.

Palm trees have a special place in the cultural and economic life of the local population. It is an export product that generates lots of local jobs, which provide for a good economy. The local partner and the craftsmen who work and design the bowls, are paid well for the beautiful work they do. In this way, Plant Ahead contributes to the development of Vietnam.

coconut bowlWin two coconut bowls + two spoons

Let’s Plant Ahead!

If you follow us on Instagram, you will probably have seen that we have been using Plant Ahead bowls for a number of months now. You can use them for breakfast, but also for salads, noodles and…as a plant pot!

To celebrate the launch of the new Almond Start, we can give away 15×2 baby coconut bowls with two spoons on behalf of Plant Ahead. Participating is very easy. Get the Almond Start at your store. On the wrapping you will find a sticker with a code. Enter this code on the win page of our website. We will send you a confirmation mail. On January 21, 2019, the winners are announced and maybe you are the lucky owner of two coconut bowls.

You can’t wait that long? Especially for you, Plant Ahead has created a discount code, giving you 10% discount on the entire collection. Besides bowls, there are bamboo straws and chop sticks. Use the code abbotkinneys10

We would like to see the creations you serve in a bowl on Instagram and Facebook. Use #abbotkinneys so we can find it.