Meet the new Almond Start

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At Abbot Kinney’s we are always looking for new tastes, great recipes, and the best products. This does not only apply to the new products we develop, but we also take a regular look at our current assortment. That is why we have adjusted and improved the recipe of the Almond Start.

Soft & fresh taste

We have added a minimal quantity (1.6%) of apple juice concentrate. The adjustment is small, but just sufficient to make sure the taste is now even softer and fresher than before. For this we use a mix of different kinds of organic apples which provide a perfect balance between sweet and fresh sour.

We are still keeping it simple. The Almond Start contains only five natural ingredients: almonds, water, yoghurt cultures, tapioca flour, and concentrated apple juice. Do you want to know what makes our Almond Start so special? We wrote an article about it.

How do you use Almond Start?

In spite of adding the apple juice concentrate, you can use this vegetable based almond yoghurt for both sweet and savoury dishes. It combines perfectly with this granola with orange juice and cacao nibs. Or what do you think about artichoke with Almond Start mustard dip? Are you curious of the favourite combinations of the Abbot Kinney’s team? Here you will find the inspiration.almond start


To celebrate the new recipe with you, we are organising a giga win action. We have never done something like that before. We can already lift a tip of the veil. Think about Sicily, a month long of Abbot Kinney’s product, and coconut bowls of Plant Ahead… Keep an eye on our blog, Instagram, and Facebook, because there we will share the news first.

What do you think about the new Almond Start?

We are very interested in your opinion about the improved recipe. Let us know on Instagram or Facebook. Use #abbotkinneys so we can find it.