Do you want to eat (more) plant-based food? Try this way!

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You are convinced. You want to start eating plant-based food. But, how do you start? We offer three ways how you can slowly get used to veganism.

For some of us it works the best to make the switch to a plant-based diet in one go. Others prefer a less drastic approach, and choose bit by bit for a new way of eating. There are different ways to start eating plant-based food, so you can get used to it slowly.

Vegan challenge

A good way to get to know this lifestyle is by joining a challenge. This can serve as a big stick, because you have a good reason to say why you are not eating animal products for a while. It is also helpful to think you are not doing this alone, but together with others who have also taken part in the challenge. The length of a challenge varies from one week to forty days.

Vegan at home

For many starting vegans the social aspect is a thing. What do you do when you go out for dinner, or when you have been invited by friends and family? At home it is easy to control: just don’t buy animal products. Outside your door (nasty) discussions with family members and awkward moments in restaurants can hardly be avoided. It is a lot simpler to choose the vegetarian option. Vegan at home is a perfect way to slowly get used to this way of eating. As soon as you have gained some experience, you will see it is much easier outside.

Vegan before 6

Breakfast and lunch are manageable, but dinner is sometimes difficult for you. When you go out to dinner, or when friends and family come to you for dinner. What kind of vegan dish are you going to serve? Vegan before 6 is a good way to slowly get to know this lifestyle. You don’t have to make ‘the switch’ at once, and you can eat vegetarian at night for example. You will find out that when you have mastered breakfast and lunch, dinner will soon follow.

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