Almond Start – All you want to know about this product

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Almond Start is a product to be proud of. So it’s high time to tell you about all the ins and outs about this plant-based alternative for yoghurt. What’s so special about Almond Start and where do the almonds come from?

The first almond ‘yoghurt’ in Europe

First, to set things straight: Almond Start is not the same as Coco Start and therefore contains no coconut milk. When you buy Almond Start and expect a rich, creamy coconut flavour, we are sorry to disappoint you. The basis of Almond Start is almonds. Lots and lots of almonds. That’s what makes this product so special. Almond Start is even a first in Europe. How about that?! The yoghurt, made with almonds, is creamy, soft and deliciously fresh. It has a mild aftertaste of real nuts.

From Sicily with love

The nuts come from Sicily. These organic Sicilian Tuono almonds have a more delicate flavour than the Spanish or Californian almonds you often find in the shops. The almonds are harvested in September, after which they are shelled and blanched to remove the skins. By grinding the almonds very finely and adding water you get ‘almond milk’. We use this ‘milk’ to make a plant-based alternative for yoghurt. Did you know that our Almond Start consists of 15% almonds? That’s three times more than any other regular almond milk.

More almonds give a tastier yoghurt experience than water (or almond milk). To compare the richness of Almond Start to other almond yoghurt alternatives: Alpro Plain with Almonds contains only 1.3% almonds and Provamel Soya-Almond contains 2%. And not only do we put more almonds in our Almond Start, the product is also free from dairy, gluten, sugar and soya.

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As always at Abbot Kinney’s, we use simple, organic and plant-based ingredients. And so we do with Almond Start. This product consists only four ingredients: water, almonds 15%, thickener (tapioca flour) and yoghurt cultures. We do not add sugars, sweeteners or other junk your body doesn’t need. Why would we, when our organic Sicilian Tuono almonds taste so good?

Almonds contain a high level of unsaturated fats. Strong indications suggest that eating (unsalted) almonds or other nuts protect us against cardiovascular diseases (Voedingscentrum). Almost all nutrition experts agree that eating a handful of nuts every day is a good thing. 15 grams per day would reduce the risk of certain cardiovascular diseases by about 20%. Did you know that 100 grams of Almond Start contains 15 grams of almonds? What a coincidence…

Combinations with Almond Start

Almond Start is great to eat as it is, but there are 101 combinations to make Almond Start taste even better. And who would know about that? The Abbot Kinney’s team of course. We will share our tips here soon. Looking for delicious recipes with our Almond Start? You’ll find it here. Click here for more information about our Almond Start.