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Ciao! Have you already seen it? We have renewed our Almond Start! That has to be celebrated and we have a number of awesome prizes for you to win. What about a trip to Sicily for two people, a month long of free Abbot Kinney’s products, or coconut bowls from Plant Ahead…

New recipe?!

The recipe of the Almond Start has been changed. We are always looking for new tastes, great recipes, and the best products. This does not only apply to the new products we develop, but we also take a regular look at our current assortment. By adding a minimal quantity (1.6%) of apple juice concentrate, the taste of Almond Start is even softer and fresher than before.

We import the organic Tuono almonds for our Almond Start and Almond Frost from Sicily. These almonds have a finer taste than the almonds from Spain or California you mostly find in stores. A vegetable based almond yoghurt contains 2% almonds on average. We use 15% almonds, and that gives a much better yoghurt experience than water (or almond milk). Use it to your advantage…

Almond + A banana 125ml & 400ml
We are of course super curious to your opinion. Let us know what you think of the new taste on social media. Use #abbotkinneys so we can find your message. However! It is not limited to the new taste. To celebrate this, we have organised something special that has never happened before at Abbot Kinney’s.

*drum roll*

A GIGA win action to celebrate the new Almond Start with you!

1x Win a trip to Sicily

Close your eyes and imagine: ‘You are next to your favourite person while you enjoy a good glass of wine. You look over the beautiful blue sea, while you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin’.

Welcome to Sicily! The number 1 prize of this action is a weekend trip to Sicily for two people. This is including flight and stay. We will find a suitable date together with you.

Almond new recipe banner10x Win a month long of Abbot Kinney’s products

Do you love to eat Abbot Kinney’s vegetable based yoghurt every day? No problem! For no less than a month. We can offer 10 of you a month’s supply, so you can enjoy your favourite yoghurt in various tastes.

big cups
15x Win two coconut bowls and two spoons from Plant Ahead

We have joined forces with Plant Ahead. If you follow us on Instagram, you probably have seen the pictures in which we serve the yoghurt in a coconut bowl. Besides being completely Instagram-proof, these bowls are very sustainable. Normally coconut shells are a waste product and are burnt. This is bad for the environment because of the emission of CO2 and it is a waste. We use the bowls for breakfast, dinner, and we put plants in them. On behalf of Plant Ahead, we can give 15x 2 coconut bowls away!

almond start newHow can you win one of these prizes?

Step 1: Get the Almond Start in the store. On the wrapping you will find a sticker with a code.
Step 2: Go to the win page on our website.
Step 3: Fill out the form with your details and the action code. We will send you a confirmation mail.
Step 4: Wait patiently.
Step 5: The lucky winners are announced on January 31, 2019!

Good luck! 🙂 Meanwhile, let us know what you think of the new Almond Start on Instagram or Facebook? Use #abbotkinneys

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